Tekka’s tips in the gallery of Cosmopolitan

Cosmpolitan is one of the most important magazines in the panorama of fashion and lifestyle, present in the US since 1886 and throughout the world with more than 50 international editions.

Fashion, beauty, wellness, style and news. This is what the famous magazine, which brings its entire glossy world in a web version with an extremely updated and evolving site, deals with.

So many images, articles and many galleries, one immediate and convenient tool to juggle in the magical world of shopping and news.

It is in fact a gallery, which dedicates an important space to beseev, the brand new e-commerce of Tekka.

The Cosmopolitan shopping with Tekka

Christmas gifts, as we all know, can be a real stressful time! Everybody loves them, everybody wants to make the best choice for the right person, but often, time is short and the looking for the perfect gift can be a nightmare.

This is why many sites that deal with lifestyle and news, in December, draw up lists of tips related to purchases. Beseev, the innovative e-commerce by Tekka, is also a part of the Cosmopolitan list.

Because online shopping can really save time and energy! Especially if it is an innovative service and full of exclusive offers, as the case of beseev by Tekka.

What is beseev by Tekka according to Cosmpolitan

Beseev by Tekka is the place where to find the "eclectic gift" according the words of Cosmopolitan..

A huge selection of exclusive articles, in which it is impossible not to find the ideal gift even for the most "difficult" people.

Beseev stands for Best Selection Ever and it's created by Tekka.

In the Cosmopolitan gallery, there are also some beautiful images of elegant and cool products, of design and unobtainable, present in e-commerce selection.