Fashion Magazine talks about the world of Tekka and of its new service beseev

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This article talks about the commercial novelty of Beseev, and offers a small picture of the Tekka reality.

Fashion Magazine: What is Beseev, the new e-commerce service by Tekka?

Limited-in-time sales, as it is common of e-commerce portals that work a bit as temporary exclusive shops. This is Beseev by Tekka, but it is also much more than that.

The novelty is all on the displayed products: no stock or discontinued ones, but a showcase of 80 products, selected every week and present exclusively on Beseev.

The idea of Tekka is this: an exclusive e-commerce, with products ranging from design, to clothing, to travel, to furniture, handmade or by famous names, but always chosen for their high quality and their story.

Beseev is present in Italy and Great Britain starting from July.

The Tekka numbers on Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine tells the world about Tekka Digital through its high numbers: present in 15 countries worldwide, with a turnover that goes over 50 million euros and a database of more than 100 million users.

Tekka is a web company, specialized in many online services ranging from dating to entertainment, games and amusement, which faces the e-commerce world with Beseev, a very innovative web product.