Glamour illustrates in detail the Beseev service by Tekka is the portal of the famous fashion and lifestyle magazine dedicated to young women up to the trends, who want to stay updated on what concerns beauty, cosmetics and well-being, with special attention to everything that is cool but also of quality.

Glamour dedicates a detailed study of Beseev for the coming Christmas and of its new way of shopping.

The novelty of Beseev by Tekka in the e-commerce world according to Glamour

First of all, where does the strange name of Beseev come from? And who launches it?

Glamour tells it immediately: the name is an acronym and stands for "Best Selection Ever", something that already tells us a lot about what is offered by the service.

Beseev is a service by Tekka, a guarantee in the world of services and digital content, which works in 15 countries worldwide.

But the real novelty of Beseev is that of being a true shopping club where the displayed products are exclusive and carefully selected and "recommended" by personal shoppers of excellence, selected among celebrities, style and design experts or bloggers, who will play the part of the well-prepared shop assistant that we all dream of meeting!

Glamour explains how does Beseev by Tekka work

Glamour explains how Tekka thought of Beseev as a virtual boutique, that is not made of shelves but "stories."

Every product, carefully selected, coming from high-level industrial companies or from small workshops, is described to find out where it comes from, and what affinities might it have with the potential customer.

Unobtainable products, available for a limited time, ideal for a sophisticated Christmas gift, according to Glamour.