Beseev by Tekka among the suggestions of Donna Moderna

Donna Moderna is an essential magazine for a fashionable woman, attentive to the world around her, aware and curious.

There are many topics on this weekly historic magazine: current affairs, reports, work but also home, lifestyle, gossip.

Good taste is always the watchword among its pages full of practical advice, ranging between kitchens and know how to dress.

Beseev and Tekka, with their new approach to e-commerce, had to be a part of the Donna Moderna suggestions to its readers.

Beseev by Tekka on Donna Moderna

The "Special Deal" page is an important showcase for the readers of Donna Moderna. Here it is where you find the latest news from the world of fashion, shopping and events, with lots of tips to make the right purchasing decisions.

Along with the good ideas, Donna Moderna gives something real: discounts and promotions exclusively designed for its readers.

Beseev is here, along with its homepage, and described for its special features: a temporary online shop, with exclusive, unavailable products elsewhere, available only for a few days.

A special discount by Tekka on Donna Moderna

A partnership with a surprise for the Donna Moderna readers. To launch the innovative site of e-commerce by Tekka, the magazine's fans who sign up to the website, can immediately take advantage of a special 10 euro discount.

And that's not it: the shipping costs are free on the first purchase.

A real deal to start knowing the world of Beseev, a nice present from Donna Moderna to its fans.