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On this page, there is an important article on Beseev, the brand new e-commerce service by Tekka.

The Beseev by Tekka products on Repubblica

Brand new products, unreachable elsewhere, exclusive and available on the web for a short time. A sort of luxury temporary shop, this is Beseev.

Repubblica focuses on the selection of products and reports the words of the service creators, who point out that the choice of what to sell in e-commerce by Tekka, was made on the basis of advice and opinions from personalities and influential trendsetters in the fashion world.

Real personal shoppers, according to Repubblica, who, as if they were physically by the customer's side, guide him by telling the story that lies behind every choice. Although it is true that we are what we buy, it is equally true that we buy what looks like us and excites us, and this is the idea of Tekka.

Repubblica explains Beseev and the world of Tekka

High-level advice, unique products, home delivery. A complete shopping experience without ever leaving home.

A "digital shopping club", as Repubblica defines the Tekka service, not neglecting the numbers of an important company with 50 million euros in sales and more than 100 million customers worldwide.