The social commerce of Tekka according to Tu Style

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>On the web portal, there are many tutorials and videos, as well as up-to-date articles.

Tu Style tells the world of beesev with an article and a rich gallery of images.

Tu Style talk about Tekka's excellent collaborations

The big novelty of beseev is the decision to entrust the selection of exclusive products to celebrities and influencers, who become real "personal shoppers" and who guide customers through the stories that each object tells.

Gilda Koral Floral is the guest blogger of the month, special "shop assistant" for Tekka. There will then be seven other famous people who'll take care of their selection.

The in-sale collections in e-commerce by Tekka, while ranging in various product categories, according to Tu Style, have all something in common: exclusivity and high quality.

The beseev by Tekka product gallery on Tu Style

A beautiful gallery accompanying the article of Cosmopolitan on beseev by Tekka.

There are some unobtainable pieces of unique design, including clothing and accessories.

As the Oybo socks that are worn individually. Or the exceptional Woo Bag or Trakatan bags. The elegant centerpiece of Royal Doulton or the colorful Punkt alarm clock.

Many different objects, which will surely amaze and make fall in love even the most demanding ones. Perfect for a special gift to yourself or someone important.