On L’Uomo Vogue the storytelling of Tekka and Beseev

L'Uomo Vogue is the online showcase of the most prestigious monthly magazine dedicated to the life, dressing and elegance of men. All the style novelties in the "world of men" have a space in the pages of this important magazine and its web space within the Vogue site.

Beseev with its revolutionary idea of "personal shopping" couldn't escape this observatory of digital trends that dedicates to the storyteller Fabrizio Oriani, a whole page.

Fabrizio Oriani: who is the storyteller of the portal Beseev by Tekka according to L'Uomo Vogue

Fabrizio Oriani is the founder of GWD, acronym for Gentlemen's Wear Daily, a website founded in 2012 that has already carved out a very important fan base among lovers of good, masculine taste.

Oriani is the first storyteller and expert chosen by Beseev, the Tekka service.

L'Uomo Vogue traces a brief profile of Oriani, who is a real supporter of the social-commerce, a way of creating a community based on the experiences and emotions of online shopping, to exchange ideas and tips, because buying is also a true time of sharing based on the choice of products that are carriers of stories.

The choices of Fabrizio Oriani for Beseev by Tekka, according to L'Uomo Vogue

L'Uomo Vogue stresses that from 23 to 30 November on Beseev, the e-commerce site by Tekka, there will be on display the selection of products chosen by Fabrizio Oriani.

Its showcase will consist of garments and accessories that reflect his world and his idea of style: products that hold and convey emotions, products that tell stories.

An idea of e-commerce that links the company and the storyteller for a collaboration that promises to be fruitful.