Press, talks about Tekka

Tekka is a young, creative and hyperactive team. The press, both traditional and digital, is often curios about what the company is doing, its goals and its future projects.
In recent months, in particular, there has been a great deal of attention on the Tekka world, on the new projects related to e-commerce, on the rental and on style and fashion: Beseev, SKIB and PicMeOn.

beseev, PicMeOn and SKIB: the new Tekka challenges on the online rental market and e-commerce

Online rental and e-commerce are a constant change that Tekka, thanks to its decades of experience in digital marketing, has decided to explore. A few months ago, there were born the first portals of the group regarding the sale of fashion accessories and luxury goods, PicMeOn and beseev, and SKIB for the rental of ski equipment. The breath of fresh air that individual portals are able to offer to the market has caught the attention of the press.

The leading role of Tekka in the international press

The Tekka services, from online dating to digital entertainment, from e-commerce to mobile apps, always have an enthusiastic response to all national and international news channels.
Fashion magazines, design magazines and the institutional press have described and narrated the success of Tekka over the years. Cosmopolitan, La Repubblica, Architectural Digest are just some of the names that have dedicated some space to Tekka, giving the company a leadership role in the world of communication.