Architectural Digest talks about the new Tekka services

When you say AD, everyone knows that you are talking about: Architectural Digest, the most beautiful houses in the world, the coolest news from the world of art and design, everything related to style as part of the living concept, is placed on the pages of this important magazine.

On the Architectural Digest website, there is an important space with dynamic design, within the network of Vanity Fair, and it dedicates an interview to the Tekka world, its innovations in terms of design and social commerce.

The interview of Architectural Digest recounts the work of Tekka

An interview with Matteo Costa and Giulio Lingua, founders of Tekka, reveals to Architectural Digest not only what Tekka invests on, but also the future scenarios of web marketing.

Tekka is a digital company founded in 2007, a young company that has carved out an important place in the world of online services.

Today, Tekka manages and promotes exclusively services that bring an added value to its ownership, which ranges from entertainment to fitness, food, games, with special attention to everything that forms a "community".

beseev and PicMeOn, the new services of Tekka on Architectural Digest

Among the many Tekka services, Architectural Digest focuses on two important new features: beseev, the first Italian social commerce and PicMeON, a new edge of design.

Beseev is defined as a "shopping club" in which the offered products, all of the highest quality, are selected by social influencers who drive the customer into a real shopping experience, linked to emotions and stories that every product carries.

PicMeON is a breakthrough project of the photographer and designer Giulia Gabetto, who has thought about using the pictures that we post every day on our social sites, like Facebook and Instagram, to create customized objects.