Gentlemen’s Wear Daily exceptional storyteller for Tekka

Menly lifestyle and fashion have a safe haven in which to land on the web: the GWD portal, Gentlemen's Wear Daily, always a reference point for those who want to be stylish, comfortable and always in the right shoes.

Inspirations, excellent photo shoots and the best outfits.

Chosen as one of the storytellers of the new e-commerce by Tekka, Gentlemen's Wear Daily dedicates an article to this service and an exclusive gallery.

The world of Gentlemen's Wear Daily for Tekka

No coincidence that Gentlemen's Wear Daily was chosen as storyteller of beseev by Tekka. The philosophy behind these two brands is in fact the same: not only present and sell a dress, an object, an accessory, but describe their world.

What we buy is not just a matter of taste, dictated by the impulse, but a real fundamental moment in which we define who we are.

It is therefore important to know the inspiration behind an object, figure out if it speaks to us, if it belongs to us.

This is the idea of beseev by Tekka: the social e-commerce, where you can buy and also share a story.

The Gentlemen's Wear Daily shooting for Tekka

The presentation shooting of Gentlemen's Wear Daily for beseev by Tekka was done by Matteo Bianchessi, one of the most talented photographers of our times, which collaborates with the site.

The photos, taken in Venice, frame well the sense of collaboration between Gentlemen's Wear Daily and beseev: beautiful, unique pictures, which tell a mood even before a product.

A unique atmosphere made of beauty and culture, which enhances the elegance and exclusivity of the offered products.