Stay updated on the best apps with AppsJoy by Tekka

Keeping up with the changing times is a challenge and a necessity for those who, like Tekka, work in a digital environment in flux.

In an era populated by touch and smart devices, that's reaching out to the virtual reality and 3D, it has a fundamental importance being able to observe and describe innovations that affect our daily lifestyle.


The vision of technology signed by Tekka: Appsjoy

We live in a time without precedent in terms of innovation and vision of the future.

With AppsJoy, Tekka provides a publishing service that allows its users to stay constantly informed about the latest news in the technology sector.

Appsjoy is therefore Tekka's response to the changing times, a portal that perfectly combines news and analysis, dedicated to lovers of technology and beyond.

How does Appsjoy work? The Tekka service dedicated to technology

AppsJoy is a publishing service that allows its users to stay constantly informed about all the industry news.

With Appsjoy it is possible to find reviews and tips on the new Smartphone models and on any type of electronic device, social network notifications and the best apps out there.

In its hi-tech digital service, Tekka pays special attention to the world of gaming, through the most sought after information on the most requested games, the coming-out consoles and all the tricks necessary to become a true video gamer.

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