A world of games and ringtones for you: Mobyhit by Tekka

Mobyhit by Tekka is a digital service that provides you with games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers and videos for your smartphone, giving you access to a world of true entertainment, with new content for your phone.

The service is dedicated to all those users who like choosing and trying new games on their smartphones, who like changing periodically their screensaver or downloading different interactive content to show to their friends.


Choose your favorite game on Mobyhit by Tekka

Puzzle, arcade, driving, strategy, sports or adventure. Which is your favorite game? Which backgrounds would you like to set on your smartphone? Would you like to impress your friends with a funny video or ringtone? You can find all the content to enrich your mobile phone on Mobyhit, the Tekka portal dedicated to games, ring tones and wallpapers.

Enrich your smartphone with Mobyhit by Tekka content

Inside the Mobyhit world, created by Tekka, you can choose your favorite content, download it on your mobile device and use it as many times as desired. You will find all the games you prefer divided into different categories, entertaining and popular ringtones, wallpapers or static and animated screensavers to download and set up on your smartphone or give to your special someone, and at last, intriguing video to exchange with your friends.